4 Week Holiday Challenge, November 25-December 20.

Jump start your HOLIDAY workout routine with Fuel’s 4 week XTraining challenge!!! This challenge will start out with some baseline fitness challenges and along the way we will be tracking your progress!! Cardio, Strength and Core. Interval training and other training methods are used to boost your metabolism throughout the day. Interval training can supercharge your fitness, boost you metabolism, burn off the extra fat and help you start reaching your fitness goals. Barre classes will also be included in this challenge. This all strength class will work on lengthening and strengthening those muscles! Fire Training incorporates the use of long elastic bands in conjunction with a partner to get your cardio endurance in tip top shape. A Fuel trainer at each class will show you modifications and progressions for each exercise. This offers a much more personalized and effective workout. We will challenge each level of fitness safely and effectively from rookie to veteran exerciser. FUN FUN FUN. Fuel makes your workout fun. If you enjoy and like what you are doing you may work a little bit harder.