2014 8 Week Team Challenge, Whole Food Cleanse with Dr. Elias, 12 Days For $12, new clients, Run Club

Get ready to get into the healthiest and strongest shape of your life with FUEL’S 8 WEEK TEAM CHALLENGE.

This program will meet all your fitness needs from toning and tightening your muscles to increasing your cardiovascular endurance. We will create teams for you. This will be a fun active challenge for all.

The challenge is a perfect way to keep off that winter weight and keep you motivated and moving all winter.
Monday & Thursday nights @7pm 8week team challenge clients can also participate in 1 more Fuel class a week on the weekday schedule ONLY You must register online for class. *restrictions apply, cancelations policy and no cycle classes.
2 Fitness evaluations with an expert trainer to track your progress.
A mid month check in.
4 to 8 teammates to keep you on track.
Nutrition guidance and support
There will be an overall TEAM winner and an overall INDIVIDUAL WINNER!!
Winners will be determined by the most percentage of weight and inches lost.

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