Eating For Performance 2 Hr. Workshop. Thursday April 10, 7-9 pm

Are you training for an endurance race this spring or summer, whether it is a half marathon, marathon, or triathlon? Would you like to know how to best maximize your performance with proper eating habits and nutrient timing? Then joining a DOCTOR-created and DOCTOR-supervised group workshop is perfect for you!

Join us for an Eating for Performance program to help you get adequately prepared for race day, and also know how to properly recover so that you are ready for your next endeavor.

This 2 hour workshop is created and lead by Dr. Alia Elias, a Naturopathic Doctor, who specializes in nutrition and has additional training in sports nutrition.

As an athlete, you want to maximize your performance by maximizing your diet -with rich nutrient density, more alkalinity, and reduced inflammatory agents.

Learn the importance of a proper diet for endurance and performance and the necessity of eating for recovery. See how making simple changes can lead to big results. To sign up go HERE and then choose the NUTRITION TAB from the top of the page.