8 Week Summer Series

8 Weeks Till SUMMER SERIES: get sculpted and toned by June 21st!

Monday, April 21st-June 21st
Sunny, carefree days are coming up and it’s time to sculpt and tone that summer body!
Get your flip flops, shades and swimsuits ready… because we promise, you’ll never be so motivated to rock them out!!
Take on Fuel’s get fit and strong for summer, 8 week program. 3 barre classes and 1 outdoor interval class every week for 8 weeks! Fuel’s barre method is like no other. This method will transform your body and mind. Each and every muscle will be challenged. Outdoor interval will challenge your cardiovascular system and give you a greater calorie burn after your workout! Both combined will transform your mind and body to a sculpted physique. Put on that bathing suit with confidence because you will look and feel AWESOME after this 8 challenge.
When:   April 21, 2014
What:  3 Barre classes 1 Outdoor Interval class
            A sculpted and tone physique by summer!
Cost:    $299 classes only, $100 SAVINGS
Cost for both: $498classes and cleanse $126 SAVINGS
To sign up go HERE and choose the Summer Series Tab from the top of the page.
Option to add in Whole Food Cleanse
Click on 8 Weeks till summer series/cleanse and classes and save additional $26