Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
— Lou Holtz

Team Mini

class rates
1 class: $16
10 class punch card: $140 (6 month expiration)
20 class punch card: $275 (6 month expiration)
12-month unlimited membership: $140 per month auto-renew.
1-month unlimited: $199 (no membership commitment)
1-year memberships: $1550 flat fee

newburyport/portsmouth dual membership
20% increase from your regular unlimited rate
drop-ins $10 to attend both studios

outdoor interval training
6 week sessions May – November, start may 29th To sign up go to the schedule/sign up page and choose the tab for your town. No need to wait for a new session to start. Your 6 weeks starts when you sign up. To sign up for Newburyport Outdoor Boot Camp, click here then choose the ONLINE STORE TAB. Use the pull down arrow and choose GROUP FITNESS and then choose 3 or 4 days a week from the pull down.

1 child per class session: $5, each additional sibling: $3

personal training with a FUEL trainer
Personal training: 1 session $85 per hour
6 sessions: $450 ($75 per hour)
12 sessions: $780 ($65 per hour)
Doubles training: 1 session: $120 per hour $60 each
Doubles training – 6 sessions: $660 ($110 per session / $55 each)
Doubles training:12 sessions: $100 per hour $50 each
Small group training, three to five people: 1 session $150 per hour, ($30-$50 each)
Small group training, three to five people: 6 sessions $810 ($27-$45 each)

personal training with julie or jeanne
Personal training: 1 session, $100 per hour
6 sessions: $560 ($93 per hour)
12 sessions: $1100 ($91 per hour)

Doubles training: 1 session, $175
Doubles training 6 sessions: $1020
Doubles training 12 sessions: $1920

skype training rates
Travel for work and having trouble getting into a regular exercise routine? Are you going on vacation with family or friends and want a FUN group workout program? Ask us about LIVE Skype Training.

in-house personal training rates
Add $20 more for each session.

in-house personal training, special populations
Additional $20

fitness evaluation rates
Fitness evaluation with 3 month follow up: $175
Unlimited Members get a 25% discount.
Evaluation includes measurements, weight, fitness assessment and nutrition counciling. This is a baseline and ideally a re-evaluation should occur 3 months later to see results. Buy the two and get a discount! To sign up go HERE and choose the RETAIL tab. Under select services choose CONSULTATIONS, fitness evaluation, 3 month follow up.

nutrition consult rates
nutrition consult: 1 session (1-1.5 hrs) – $145
nutrition follow up consult: 1 session (30 mins) – $95
6 sessions (includes one initial + 5 follow ups) – $585
12 sessions (includes one initial + 11 follow ups) – $1060

gift certificates available here.

We highly recommend you pre-register for classes online. Walk-ins are welcome space permitting. Sign up for classes up to two days prior.

punch cards
All punch cards have a 6-month expiration date from the start date.

12-month unlimited membership contract is paid as a flat fee or monthly auto-withdrawal and auto-renewal.
1 and 6-month unlimited membership contract is paid as a flat fee.

12-hour cancellation notice for indoor classes. Late cancellation subject to a $16 late fee.
24-hour cancellation notice for personal training. Late cancellation charged at session rate.
12-hour cancellation for babysitting. Late cancellation charged at full rate.
Location changes and class cancellations are posted on our buzz page and our facebook page 15 minutes before class begins.
All outdoor classes are rain and shine, except during thunder and/or lightening.
Class will be cancelled if nobody is signed up one hour before beginning of class.

Please arrive 5 or 10 minutes before class. If you are attending an outdoor class please leave your phone number with the babysitter. Children are not allowed to run in the open space. We highly recommend you pre-register for classes online. Walk-ins are welcome if space permits.
You can sign up for babysitting two days prior.
12-hour cancellation policy for babysitting. Late cancellation charged at full rate.
No nut products allowed!

studio etiquette
Socks are required for all barre classes.
No street shoes in studios.
No cell phone use in studios.
We highly encourage use of reusable water bottles.

More than one special cannot be combined. Specials may not be postponed.

All sales are final. No refunds or extensions. All policies are subject to change without notice.